Music Mindsets

Writing music can range from being the most therapeutic and inspiring process all the way to to the most infuriating and depressing of tasks.  With this in mind, we thought we’d explore a few of our favourite changes in 'music mindset' that can bring back the inspiration, help increase the quality of your output and hopefully write better music. 

Embrace The Experience

So much pressure is placed on the final song that we often forget to enjoy the experience.  After all, writing music is supposed to be good fun, right?!  Instead of being concerned about how everyone else will perceive your tracks why not just try and enjoy the writing process?  Not every track will turn into a winner but that doesn’t matter, so many great things can be learned from each click of the mouse or turn of a dial even the final project gets scrapped.  The overall importance is getting better at writing music so a few scrapped sessions along the way never hurt anyone. 

Stop Writing Genres / Avoid The Click

Ever found the perfect riff or loop but stopped because it didn’t fall into the genre that you’re 'supposed' to be producing?  Well why stop?!  Music doesn’t have to conform to a tempo or time signature so just go with the flow.  Even at different tempos you’ll still be able to put your stamp on the final composition and potentially you could open the door to more producers writing at different tempos.  160bpm techno anyone?! 

Tip: Try writing the music first then figure the tempo – you never know what you could come up with.

Share & Collaboration

Working with others can often being a scary thought especially if you aren’t classically trained or have a great understanding of music theory.  For years I was concerned about producers seeing me play the wrong note or ideas not working out how I thought but often this is a case of finding the right person to work with. 

You should both be able to embrace the process and experimentation is one of the most important parts of writing great music.  After all, it’s all about how good the final song is not just about whether you performed a lead line in perfectly.  The ideal song writing partner shouldn't critique the odd wrong note but support the whole process and share a common goal; to write better music. 

Work Remotely

If you’re unable to find people locally why not try working remotely using Dropbox, Blend or Splice? 

Tip: When working remotely it can be difficult to finish tracks as you both just keep adding new sections – eventually you have to stand up and say 'it’s finished – let’s mix'.

Just write music

So much pressure is placed on writing the next hit but like we mentioned earlier, embrace the experience.  Why not try and de-construct a DnB classic or explore the techniques used in sound design.  You might come across techniques than can be easily applied to your genre of choice plus if it sounds terrible it doesn’t matter – it’s all practice.  Some of the best techniques and sounds are found by accident so the time spent playing could be the most vital part of the writing process yet. 

Tip: De-constructing genres is a great way to explore new synthesis techniques, improve your ear / frequency training and learn new sound design methods.

Hopefully you'll find some of these tips helpful when you next sit down to write.  As you all know, a clear mindset usually results in a great final piece. 

Found this helpful?  Have some other great ideas on music mindset or song writing techniques?  Let us know. 

The Touch Loops team. 

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