Sample Insights: LA Beat Scene

LA Beat Scene is one of our most eclectic collections to date covering numerous styles, vibes and inspirations. From the first time we cast our gaze over this unique sample library we just that we needed to dig deeper and find out just how it was made.

With that in mind we recently sat down with the creator Chris. A full time musician, producer and DJ operating out of down town LA with a real penchant for all things analogue to find out just how he created the collection.


Christian, it’s a real pleasure to finally meet you. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Im predominantly a music producer, piano player and sound engineer. I studied music at university and toured in live music projects for most of my 20’s before things quietened down and I began to focus on something different.. This.


Tell us a bit about your studio and current production set up.

I switch between using Ableton and Logic pro, an MPC-1000, a great midi keyboard by Alesis and an old 70's Juno 106 synthesiser. I also have this tape recorder that I use a lot to record samples out and in via cassettes.  The Juno has become a staple of my sound in the last few years, it really is a beautiful thing.


What was the main inspiration for the collection?

It has been a blend of old and new, taking the aspects of the somewhat legendary LA beat scene and putting a modern kind of Ableton-fused, minor key soulful twist on it with electronics.  There's so many greta producers currently operating in the scene right now that the influences for the collection covered a lot of ground.

I swear by the MPC-1000 to create music loops


The pack includes copious amounts of live instruments, were these all played by yourself and recorded at your home studio?

Yes a lot of the live drums were recorded by myself.  I was lucky enough to spend some time in a few great studios in central London recently hence was able to take advantage of some great gear.  Let's just say the API desk certainly lived up to its reputation.


Any cheeky pieces of gear used in the collection that you’d like to tell us about?

I swear by the MPC-1000 to create music loops and pitch shift to make melodies.  That swing and crunch!

LA Beat Scene is one of our most eclectic collections to date

Who would you say would benefit from this collection?

Lovers of creating old school hip-hop, Fly-Lo type beats and Japanese electronic music.  I really wanted to capture the essence of the scene in LA right now and open it up to sample community, it's an exciting time.


Any ideas for future packs lined up?

Plenty ;)


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